Toy Memories


Toy Memories – Donald

There’s a pond on Grandma’s farm, and at the bottom of that pond lies a toy airplane. Once it was a brilliant red, shiny and new. Now it’s colours have faded away, dulled to a pale beige. Once loved, but not forgotten.


This is how Donald remembers it.


Splash. Fethry in tears. Della yelling and running towards the water. Gladstone running away.


Then shouting. Donald remembers loud voices, and Della’s tearful look, and her angry silence.


He remembers being sent to his room without supper.


And Della still not speaking to him.


He remembers sneaking out, it was dark and cold. The water was colder.


He remembers waking to tearful furious Della.


He remembers “You’re worth more than any toy Don!”


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