So I’m on holiday in England (lake district) and I’m watching British television and I love it but there I this gay Britannia thing on BBC something because homosexuality was a crime til 50 years ago. And its like there are only men that are gay?? I’ve seen ONLY promos about m/m couples and NO lesbian movies at all. So did I just miss something or are they really pretending women just aren’t gay??

Thank you for pointing this out to me, I had no idea the bbc was doing the gay Britannia thing. I may have been enjoying the unusual lack of rain lately too much to watch much tv

As an aside, I hope you are enjoying your holiday over here.

The lack of representation is annoying. The documentaries seem less bias from the descriptions on the bbc website but there’s still a dragon’s hoard of m/m couples on screen compared to the mouse’s cheese stash of lesbian couples.

I’m almost afraid to look to see if I’m represented. I’m going to assume not, then hopefully be surprised to find a celibate Ace on screen who isn’t an socially awkward robot or a hateful ball of spite.



















why are people even questioning obesity in america

why is your tea liquidised?

….. Where exactly do you live that the tea isn’t liquid?!?



like what do you do with already liquid tea? Microwave it?

No it’s sweet tea you drink it cold



so i reblogged this from a british person and i’ve been laughing at their tags for 600 years


England, you stole tea from China.  You’ve had it a mere 4 centuries compared to their 30+.  Don’t play like you’re some kind of authority.

[skeletons ooh-ing]

Shots fired. World War Tea has officially begun.


Englad doesn’t own anything

except that time we owned most of the world

But seriously the normal pack of teabags contains 80 right? We Germans would take years to drink that nobody would buy 80 teabags at once 😂

80 teabags might last me 2 weeks, maybe… no, probably not. I love my tea, I always have about a dozen different flavours in my cupboard and at the weekends I break out the loose tea, my teapot and the tea strainers. Black, green, white, herbal, fruit, chocolate, a tea for any occasion.
But seriously, I think I’ll try anything that claims to be a tea, but given the choice? I am never touching iced tea again, it is not tea, it does not exist. I would rather drink nettle tea (actually very tasty), or apple tea with unknown percentage of apple in (possible zero percent, zero is still a number right?)



Another post going by about how creepy “adults” are in fandom, and how fandom should only be a place for teens.

All I can think is…imagine a fandom where ALL of the fanart and all of the fanfic were only created by people ages sixteen and under.

Take a moment, and imagine it.

Most of the fanworks you love were probably created by someone who is at least in college. The original content that your fandom revolves around? Probably also produced by adults. Some of whom are probably as big a fan as you are of the story being told despite also being a professional creator of it.

And all ask, as I always do: At what point to YOU expect to abandon your love of the books and shows and other media that currently bring you happiness? What age are you going to stop wanting to read, watch, discuss, and create your own theories and works based on those, and just take up golf as your sole hobby for the rest of your life? 

One day you’ll blink and you’ll be the same age as the people you’re bitching about now, and you’ll still be chatting with your friends via whatever technology we’ve evolved by that point about the most recent plot development in whatever fandom you’re in by then, and you’ll see someone maybe half your age asking that same goddamn question.

But by then, you’ll know the answer.

Most of my favourite stories were written by people in their 30s and up. I mean I adore the little puppies that throw out instant fic after just watching a movie/series, because every time I go to the cinema the first thing I do is check AO3 for fic, but if I truly have fallen in love with something, I’ll be checking back 6 months later for the authors who have thought and plotted and have a much better grasp of spelling, grammar and storytelling.

Guess what? Those tend to be the older fans.




You can’t feel sexual attraction to the other gender and feel no sexual attraction at the same time!

You can’t feel romantic attraction to the other gender and feel no romantic attraction at the same time!

Heterosexual =/= Asexual
Heteroromantic =/= Aromantic

This post makes no sense because it’s possible to be gay asexual and bi asexual and straight asexual so like…? Lol

I feel you misunderstood the point. Asexual = no sexual attraction. If you are asexual, you are not heterosexual or homosexual, Because you are not sexually attracted to anyone.

Aromatic = no romantic attraction. If you are aromatic you are not heteroromatic or homoromatic because you are not romantically attraction to anyone.

Yes, so people do refer to straight, gay or bi asexuals. Usually this refers to their romantic leanings or the type of sex they prefer.

Homosexuals have been having straight sex for centuries, that doesn’t make them heterosexuals.



i want

  • to have really short hair

i also want

  • to grow my hair out as long as i possibly can


  • ?????

I feel the same way, so I alternate. I grow out my hair as long as possible, then cut it all off. Takes a couple of years to reach it’s full length. Sometimes I raise money for a charity. People always act so shocked. Been doing it since I was 7 or 8 I think. Every 2 to 4 years I cut my hair really short, then just let it grow out again.







the next time you think you’re lonely, just remember you have about 25 billion white blood cells in your body protecting your sorry little ass with their life. you have 25 billion friends who would die for you. no need for tears.

thank you osmosis jones

My immune system tried to kill me though.

Jordan just remember you had twenty five billion enemies trying to kill you and you’ve survived them all

Take THAT you tiny goddamn sons of bitches. 

I can’t help but imagine them as college frat boys, all out for a good time, convinced they are helping and being great friends while getting you into every single bit of trouble that exists.





So my therapist said something awhile back and it’s really stuck with me.

I was talking about the stupid things I had done in high school.  How the stories I wrote were stupid and how all I ever wanted to draw was anime shit (which was stupid) and how immature I could be, etc etc etc.

and she was like “Why are you so determined to beat up on Little Maggie?”

It took me off guard, I was like “what do you mean?”

“Why do you keep saying Little Maggie is stupid?  You say she was stupid and immature but wasn’t she just a teenager?  Do you not like who you were as a teenager?”

I shrugged and was like “I think teenage me was very creative and was probably just having fun and being a teenager…”

“So why beat up on her and call her stupid and embarrassing?”

“I dunno, because I guess now I’ve learned a lot.”

“But she was young.  She didn’t know.  I’m just telling you this because if you keep beating up on Little Maggie, you have to remember that she grows up to be you.  When you put bruises and scars on Little Maggie, you’re leaving all the healing for Big Maggie.  Your insecurity about who you were as a child is going to come through into your adulthood.  Be nice to Little Maggie.”

And I’d never really thought of that before?  It seems status quo to just… hate who you used to be for not knowing enough, but that’s totally illogical.  Of course a younger version of you doesn’t know what you know and can’t act with the wisdom that you act.

And even if Little Maggie was writing silly stories about her friends while ripping off anime and drawing her own “manga” and being immature and goofy, she was having fun, she was being creative, she was enjoying the things she liked and she wasn’t hurting anyone.

She’s part of my past and hating her is hating the foundation of who I eventually became.

Just food for thought.

I almost recently have reblogged this before but please friggin read it

I did the same, a lot, in therapy–beating up on myself for bad decisions I made or things I did. What my therapist said was, “Do you ever think that maybe your younger self was doing the best she could with the tools that she had?”

That has really stayed with me.