Toy Memories


Toy Memories – Donald

There’s a pond on Grandma’s farm, and at the bottom of that pond lies a toy airplane. Once it was a brilliant red, shiny and new. Now it’s colours have faded away, dulled to a pale beige. Once loved, but not forgotten.


This is how Donald remembers it.


Splash. Fethry in tears. Della yelling and running towards the water. Gladstone running away.


Then shouting. Donald remembers loud voices, and Della’s tearful look, and her angry silence.


He remembers being sent to his room without supper.


And Della still not speaking to him.


He remembers sneaking out, it was dark and cold. The water was colder.


He remembers waking to tearful furious Della.


He remembers “You’re worth more than any toy Don!”




Reasons Why Lego Batman Movie is the Best Batman Movie Ever

  1. It got the Father & Son relationship between Alfred & Bruce right.
  2. It fixed the “Dick Grayson/Robin” problem.
  3. It finally gave us the Batman/Robin team up we deserve since the 66. With the added bonus of throwing in Dick being Bruce’s son. Finally!
  4. It gave us a Joker that was actually (drum roll please) funny! Joker is known as the Clown Prince of Crime. Joker is named Joker because he is funny. He wears clown makeup because he is a clown. The Lego Movie is the first to really embrace this aspect of Joker in the modern era and I love the little guy!
  5. The Rogue Gallery – all your favorite major players and not so major players are all together in the same movie. And their introduction at the beginning of the movie is worth the price of the movie alone.
  6. Batman/Joker – this movie takes the relationship between hero/villain to a whole new (and hysterical) level. (And legitamized Batjokes to a mainstream audience.)
  7. Harley Quinn – the roller-derby inspired look is a nod to her original inspiration of her voice actor in Btas. And she’s perfect!
  8. Barbara Gordon/Batgirl – Rosario Dawson as Batgirl. Enough said.
  9. Inside Jokes/Easter Eggs – it doesn’t matter if you’re a casual or hardcore fan. If your favorite is 66 or Burton or Nolan there is something in this movie for you.
  10. These scenes:

No other Batman movie has ever delved into the psychological damage of Bruce losing his parents to violence in quite this way and so effectively. The fandom likes to laugh that for such a loner Batman has the most sidekicks. But this movie gets it! This movie has something I never thought to find in a Batman movie: Heart.

And this [and more] is what I mean when I say Lego Batman is my favorite Batman movie.

Plus it made fun of Suicide Squad and then instantly stole the plot of it




#2, Brute?

I made the ugliest noise.


So it begins…

I have no idea what I’m doing here, I imagine that is much like thousands of tumblr users across the World that has fled here so let us begin with a little introduction.

If you haven’t guessed, I go by Robin.

I write a lot. I’m struggling with my writing at the moment, but my average is around 30k a month. Or it was. This past year has been hard for me.

But I’m still here, still moving forward, still hopeful.

I actually made this account years ago, kinda surprised I’m back here.

Well, here I am.


Actually… I need about an hour to boot up my Social anxiety defence so I can form sentences of more than 2 words. The tea is just an excuse.


Shipping Webby

Ok, so I’ve seen a lot of discourse over shipping Webby with any of the boys, because she’s been called family.

So, let’s look at some examples.

Ron Stoppable? Best friend of Kim Possible since Kindergarten, and considered family by the Possibles. They start dating… Is it senior year? Teenagers at least. Friends for a decade before they went the romantic route.

Me! Considered part of my best friend’s family, everyone (and I do mean everyone, even the aunts I only saw once a year) assumed we were dating and were waiting for the announcement.

My sister’s ex, built a good relationship with everyone in our immediate family, as she did with his, so I knew it was serious. I actually thought they were going to marry, and am somewhat sad they decided to end it.

How many movies have we seen with a pair of best friends, one afraid to ruin their friendship because they love their best friend and never want to hurt them, only for them to start dating/get married by the end of the film?

Having someone considered part of the family before you start dating? Bonus points, because the family already approved this person for addition to the family so no awkward meet the family phrase or unexpected rivalry.

How many times have we been told your partner should be your friend first? How many times have we been told best friends make the best partners?

Parents usually approve when you start dating your best friend, especially when they’re considered part of the family, Because you already have a deep stable relationship with them that has passed the test of time.

Being considered part of the family does not exclude romantic possibilities, it’s a stamp of approval from the family.

Webby is a child, so I don’t ship her at this moment in time. But I see no harm in those who choose to ship her with others her own age.